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Robert Cartwright

Robert M. Cartwright. H.I.S., B.B.A.

Hearing Aid Specialist


Meet Robert M. Cartwright. H.I.S., B.B.A.

Robert M. Cartwright is in charge of our Macomb and St. Clair Shores clinics.┬áRobert┬áis a licensed hearing aid specialist who has been in practice with George Iwanow Hearing Aid Centers since 2012. Robert, as the grandson of Mr. George Iwanow, caught an interest in helping the hearing impaired at a young age while running around the offices as his mother and grandfather worked. He went on to receive his BBA from Western Michigan University’s business school, Haworth College of Business while minoring in Sciences geared toward Audiology. Years of working side by side with his family as well as being factory trained to properly program, modify, repair and maintain hearing aids allow Robert to fit with superior care. Robert takes great pride in what he does and the business his grandfather built and hopes to demonstrate those values to every patient he cares for. He has also volunteered many hours of his professional time to help educate the importance of early identification and proper treatment of hearing loss. Robert’s personal interests are playing hockey, golfing and spending time on the lake in the summer, skiing in the winter and spending time with friends and family.