Be a Smart Shopper

Do you have a sticker shock even after advertised discounts are applied? Did you look at the recent issue of Consumer’s Guide To Hearing Aids where the average price for one premium hearing aid in the US is listed as $4,200 and up?

Here, at George Iwanow Hearing Aid Centers, Inc., we have the lowest prices on premium hearing aids that include our unique in the nation 7-item package.


We started to offer digital hearing aids in 1994. Technology has change significantly since that time but our company is still having exactly the same price as in 1994! We still 100% guarantee our hearing aids for 5 years and provide free batteries for 5 years. Unbelievable but true…

Don’t let anyone tell you that your hearing aids cost more due to size or power. Not true. Our price is the same even for the invisible CIC style or mini behind-the-ear style of any power.

Our prices for custom-made digital hearing aids are lower than at big warehouse stores!