ReSound One Winners

Congratulations to our two recipients of ReSound ONE hearing aids! The five offices of George Iwanow Hearing Aid Centers are so pleased to be able to provide these state of the art hearing aids at no cost to our new patients.

Jewell is a Grandmother of 3, and has been helping her daughter with education costs during the economic challenges brought on by the pandemic. Jewell works at WSU, but has been working from home to keep her family safe.. She has had to provide her own technology including Internet access. Costs were piling up and she couldn't afford the hearing aids she needed. She is very grateful to ReSound and the George Iwanow Hearing Aid Centers for helping her during these challenging times.

Sidney is retired, but was working at a funeral home part time to make ends meet and to pay for unexpected expenses like hearing aids. Unfortunately, someone at the parlor contracted COVID-19 so being almost 70, she was high risk and was unable to work. It's been a challenge since she's been out of work. She really needed new hearing aids and was so happy when she heard about the ReSound Gives Sound program. She hopes to go back to work once the vaccine has been distributed and she's able to be vaccinated.